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Video: Vandana Shiva: The Future of Food

October 10th, 2009 · No Comments

These videos (courtesy of Cooking Up A Story) are part of an interview held with Vadana Shiva.
It was inspiring to me so I decided to republish it here with all three videos:
Cooking Up A Story: Food News
This 3-part series of interviews with Dr. Vandana Shiva about the future of food is one of the most [...]

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Top Ten Reasons To Use Native Plants In Your Landscape and More…

September 7th, 2009 · 13 Comments

Using Native Plants in your landscape is a win-win for you and the environment.  Here are the top ten reasons to use native plants in your landscape:

Once Established, Native Plants Require Little Care and Maintenance
Native Plants Save Money on Landscaping Cost
Native Plants Are Pest and Disease Resistant
Once Established, Native Plants Require No Watering
Once Established, Native [...]

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Ruth Stout’s System of Mulching – Lazy is Genius!

May 26th, 2009 · 5 Comments

The first time I read the Mother Earth News article about Ruth Stout’s No-Dig Gardening, I said
“yesss!  I love this woman. This is one of those lessons of a lifetime.”
Her technique has faced skepticism from all sides but to me, has always seemed to be a fantastic approach:
“mulch everything…and mulch some more.”

Her attitude of “this [...]

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Companion Planting

March 6th, 2009 · No Comments

Companion Plantings with Reason:

Cabbage and Dill – As dill flowers it draws beneficial insects to eat cabbageworms and aphids.  If you don’t already know about cabbageworms, I had an issue with them.
Flowers like Calendula and Cucumbers and Squash – The pollen from the flowers attracts pollenators and thereby increases yields.

Please send in your companion plantings.   [...]

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Prepping for Garlic

November 2nd, 2007 · 1 Comment

Today I prepped an area where I will plant garlic for next year. I am planting each clove 3 inches from its brother or sister.
I took some measuring tape, and a piece of thin plywood, and made myself a measuring stick, marking every inch with a marking and a number.
Then I used a horizontal [...]

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End of the Season for Squash and Tomatoes – Happy Halloween!

October 31st, 2007 · No Comments

Today I took out the last of the squash and tomatoes. It was a good year for both of these veggies. The squash plants grew out of the compost pile and the tomatoes didn’t have any problems whatsoever. Perfect year. Then again, it is only my first year on this property. [...]

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Garlic – Getting ready to plant

October 25th, 2007 · 1 Comment

I was hiking in Catskill Park about a month ago, near Woodstock, up at the Overlook Mountain Fire Tower. Besides from the multiple incredible viewpoints and a 360 degree fire tower view of the eastern part of the park, we came upon ruins of a historic Historic Mountain Hotel of the 1800’s. It was [...]

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